Welcome to the ECIST Blog


Welcome to the emergency care improvement support team (ECIST) blog. We are part of NHS England and Improvement, and directly support health and social care systems to improve patient flow and safety and deliver national urgent and emergency care priorities. My name is Vincent Baxter I’m a nurse, improver and member of the ECIST team, and I will be editing and publishing the ECIST blog.



We’re a team that like to have fun

ECIST has a wide network, and we are proud to list many well known figures from across health and social care amongst our many contacts. Using these connections, we aim to bring you a wide range of opinions about both urgent and emergency care and improvement. We will also share best practice and the latest news relating to urgent and emergency care, and describe how improvement tools and approaches can be used to deliver sustainable change. You can begin to check out some of our great resources by following the link to our Improvement hub


We’re a team that learns together

We also want you the reader to contribute to this blog. ECIST have visited many health and care systems aiming to help them improve urgent and emergency care by encouraging the implementation of known good practice. One thing we consistently observe is amazing staff and the great ideas they have for improving urgent and emergency care. However, we often notice that staff feel a level of frustration that they can’t share their ideas or link up with colleagues in other parts of the country who are doing similar jobs or who have similar ideas. Often these people aren’t the ‘usual suspects’ e.g. people in senior management roles, but staff who each day every day see and know how improvements to urgent and emergency care can be made. It’s these people who we’d like to help connect with each other using this blog as a place where great improvement stories and ideas are shared.


We want you to enjoy this blog and use it as an interactive forum, therefore we invite you to engage, leave comments, suggestions and ask questions. However, please be respectful, we will remove any comments that are offensive, profane, disrespectful or irrelevant. Also remember this blog is a public forum, so please don’t share any confidential information.

We’re a team that listens


Thank you for reading, visiting, commenting and contributing. We are pleased you have decided to visit our blog and look forward to sharing and learning with you. If you would like to contribute to the blog please contact me at Vincent.baxter@nhs.net or via twitter vincentbaxter8