Inpatient Treatment – Getting the dose right

Dr Richard Genever, consultant geriatrician and physician and ECIST clinical associate, discusses the NEWS Flow Chart - Decision Support Tool. The tool has been designed by patient facing clinicians to support 'balanced risk' discharge decision making on a 'day-to-day' basis.  Tony was admitted to hospital after finding himself wedged between his bed and the radiator … Continue reading Inpatient Treatment – Getting the dose right

Eight ways to help you manage anxiety

This weeks blog by Spencer Humphrys, improvement manager with the emergency care improvement support team (ECIST), explores a few things we can do to manage our anxiety. Spencer has worked for the NHS for over 13 years, and describes his role 'as the best job I've ever had'. In his role Spencer uses improvement science, … Continue reading Eight ways to help you manage anxiety

Is Every Fall A Failing?

              In this week's blog Sophie Stoker (senior physiotherapist) from Hartlepool and North Tees NHS Trust shares a very personal story. Sophie discusses how every decision clinicians make has a benefit and risk associated with it, and why it is important to keep the patient at the centre of … Continue reading Is Every Fall A Failing?