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Emergency Department Leadership Conferences

See below for details on how to register for these excellent conferences in Manchester and London.



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Reducing Long Length of Stay Webinar Series

Nearly 350,000 patients currently spend over three weeks in an acute hospital each year. Many of these are older people with reduced functional ability (frailty) and/or cognitive impairment (delirium or dementia). Long-stay patients account for about 8% of overnight admissions, have an average length of stay (LoS) of about 40 days. Around one-fifth of beds are occupied by patients who have already been in hospital for three weeks.


Every day in hospital is a precious day away from home. We want to embed a ‘home first’ mindset across our health and social care systems and do everything we can so our patients, particularly older people, can enjoy their lives in their own home environments or, for the few who cannot go straight home from hospital, in a care location most suited to meeting their needs.


The benefits of reducing the time a patient occupies a hospital bed are clear, but achieving it has proven difficult, particularly during winter. These webinars explain what can be done to implement approaches proven to reduce long length of stay (LLoS). In them we go beyond principles, describing practical steps and suggesting tactics to employ.





FabChange19 will be taking place on October 16th 2019. Because every individual, organisation and department is at a different point in their quality improvement and sharing journey, this year participate in a way that works for you. Pledge to do something, share some great practice, or celebrate the work you have undertaken, it’s up to you. Click of the link to find out more and access some brilliant resources. #FabChange19



PJ Sumit

This three day virtual event will take place continually for 72 hours across the globe. Its aim is to share best practice around keeping people up, dressed and moving to improve quality of life and prevent deconditioning. The summit organisers are seeking to include case studies, research and clinical sessions as well as leading change, telling stories and creating social movements. Check out the link below for further information and details of how you can become involved.

#EndPJparalysis Global Summit







Stephan Natawidjaja ECIST1 Media Lead NHS Improvement

ECIST1 is the YouTube channel run by the Emergency Care Intensive Support Team part of NHS Improvement ECIST1

The channel helps promote and share good practice throughout the NHS. Easy to use playlists help you find what your searching for whether that’s valuing patients time, patient stories, case studies or tutorials.

Content supports the whole of the patient journey so something for everyone, come and visit us.







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